My husband took his own life 3 years ago.  I didn’t know where to go to speak to someone who had experienced a similar loss – I didn’t know if I had the strength to speak to someone outwith my family and friends.  Jackie from the Curly Star Dream Foundation was a great support to me.  Having someone who was able to talk to me and know exactly how I felt was beneficial and a much needed and valued support.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it was not for the support of the Curly Star Dream Foundation.

Liz McLaughlin, 55

My daughter took her own life four years ago and I was distraught, I tried to get appointments with various national organisation but there was a waiting list of over six months, a friend put me in touch with Curly Star and I can honestly say that Jackie helped me through my lowest period, valulable and much needed service.

Anonymous, 47

When I lost my husband Wayne last November my life was torn apart. My friend got me to get in touch with Jackie Easton who had been through similar situation as me. 
At first I was not sure what l was going to get out of talking to Jackie but she helped me to understand a lot of things.

If it wasn’t for Jackie I don’t think l know where l would in life today. She made me understand a lot of things which has helped me to cope with everyday things in life. Understanding Jackie has also help my daughter who is 11 years old.

Nita, 51